L'Egance Strait From The Heart "Kaya" March 26, 2019 filly, PSSM1 n/n FIS n/n aa Ee TT - SOLD

C&B Meet Virginia-Palomino Pearl - July 2018 Filly-ee aa n/CR n/Prl n/w20 PSSM1 n/n Ruby Sky Golden Lion X Creamy Pearl Of Lexlin SOLD

L'Egance Ballou Moon Masquerade- Fortunes Masquerade X Cat Ballou- SOLD

L'Egance Midnight Serenade- Fortunes Masquerade X Cherokee Oaks Strut Miss Lizzie- SOLD

L'Egance Doing The Mombo Filly out of Cherokee Oaks Strut Miss Lizzie and By C&B Dun N' L'Egance SOLD

L'Egance Ostara's Solstice 2021 filly by L'Egance Astro Boy and Out of Cici Con Panna "Joplin" SOLD

L'Egance Astarde' 2021 filly out of Lone Dove Tequila and sired by L'Egance Astro Boy SOLD